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Locksmith 24/7

Rodríguez Corea e Hijos Cerrajeros is a professional company in the field of emergency or scheduled security locksmith services which offers a high quality service for a low price, being the most required locksmith in the whole area. Call and ask for a quote: it is totally for free, you will not pay anything for it! We only work with the best trademarks and count on a permanent stock of great variety of different original spare parts which allows us to perform any kind of service at the very moment.

Day & Night service.

Our engineers are 24 hour locksmiths, fully prepared with suitable tools and materials to perform a fast and neat job with the least damage in a minimal period of time.

We open any kind of door, shutter or safe.

As we are specialized locksmith technicians prepared to open any kind of door, safe, shutter or retractable gate, there are no secrets for us when talking about locksmithing. We also sell and install new doors, shutters or safes. We have a wide range of models in order to advise you which one is the most suitable, always depending on your personal requirements.

Lock change.

If you have just moved or bought a new house, or even more if you have never do it, it is quite advisable to change locks, at least from time to time. Rodríguez Corea e Hijos Cerrajeros provides security locks that meet all European safety standards. Do not take unnecessary risks: upgrade your locks and be sure that no stranger will get into your house without your consent.

24 Hour Service.

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call anytime you need, we offer an emergency locksmith service. Is it late at night and you need any kind of locksmith service? Don`t worry! Phone us and we will be pleased to help you!.

Don’t waste your time waiting.

Our professional locksmiths will solve your problem as soon as possible. We are fully equipped , and count on the most modern tools to attend to your emergency before any other one. Rodríguez Corea e Hijos Cerrajeros is the best choice for a guaranteed reparation when locksmith issues talking. No matter if the problem concerns to your house, shop, office, warehouse or factory, we can deal with any kind of door, shutter, gate or lock!

Due to its long experience, Rodríguez Corea e Hijos Cerrajeros shines among locksmith firms. Not only because of its seriousness and good prices. We affirm that a job must not be expensive to be effective and well-done. Our locksmiths can repair, fix or change all kind of security doors, safes, shutters or gates, residential, commercial or industrial ones, as well as any kind of lock, shutter or gate motor, or floor padlock.

Rodríguez Corea e Hijos Cerrajeros perform many different locksmith services: regular, blinded or armored doors opening, high security deadbolts installation, shutter opening, shutter motors installations, etc. Have you lost your keys? Is your floor padlock stuck? Just phone us and a locksmith technician will arrive soon to fix the problem.

Rodríguez Corea e Hijos Cerrajeros can repair, change or sell domestic, commercial or industrial doors or locks, high security deadbolts, mailbox locks, safes, shutters, garage locks, deadbolts, padlocks, etc. As we really care about your safety: we are fully prepared to repair or install locks, safes, manual or electrically operated shutters for your house, shop or factory. We count on our highly prepared technicians to install any kind of door, safe or shutter at your place. Our expertise allows us to pick the door without breaking your lock, as well as repair your shutter motor or replace your damaged shutter slats in a really short period of time.

So, remember: whenever you need a fast certified emergency locksmith, call Rodríguez Corea e Hijos Cerrajeros and you will not regret it!

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